Life in the fast lane: Driver fined for driving too slow

A driver has been hit with a fine for driving too slow in the right-hand lane in Perth, just weeks after another driver was fined for the same indiscretion in Sydney.

Gosnell police officers, who were travelling behind the driver along the Tonkin Highway on Tuesday morning, pulled the car over after realising the driver was doing 90 kilometres and hour in a 100 kilometre zone.

“In the right-hand lane, doing 90, with one of these behind you (a police car), not overtaking... you’ll be getting a ticket,” WA Police Traffic tweeted.

The ticket issued to the driver. Source: Twitter

The $50 fine comes after a Sydney mum posted an online rant for being pulled over for also driving too slow in the right lane on James Ruse Drive earlier this month.

"So this officer just pulled me over for apparently not going fast enough in a 90 zone and apparently because it's an overtaking lane," she said.

"There's no signs at all as you can see. There's absolutely no signs telling me to take over or I have to drive in the right lane.

"Absolutely disgusting behaviour by NSW Police. I'm going to have him reported.”

Lena Kasparian posted the video on Facebook after she was fined $300.

People on social media have pointed out what she did was illegal.