Libertarian Delegate Trolls Trump With His Infamous Quote But Gets Scolded By Chair

A Missouri delegate at the Libertarian National Convention used Donald Trump’s vile words to taunt the Republican candidate after he was booed there the previous day ― but got reprimanded by the chairperson. (Watch the video below.)

In a C-SPAN clip shared by a MeidasTouch editor on Sunday, Jeff Coleman told Chair Angela McArdle he had “a request for information.”

“Did this body grab a former president by the pussy last night?” he asked, clearly expecting a big reaction.

“Sit down,” McArdle snapped. “Completely out of order. ... No.”

Summoning the president’s most misogynistic quote, which Trump uttered to describe the liberties he thought he could take with women, was not the best way to gloat.

The convention repeatedly booed Trump and shouted insults at him when he made an appearance on Saturday. On Sunday both Trump and independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. were nominated by delegates to be the party’s presidential nominee, but Trump was ruled ineligible by McArdle because he didn’t file the necessary paperwork.

“But he was nominated, and it’s nice to be nominated,” McArdle added.

Chase Oliver was selected as the party candidate.

With typical bombast, Trump said he would have won if he were permitted by the Republican Party to represent another party, thus enabling him to file the paperwork.