Badly behaved bar patron apologises with $700 in cash –– 45 years later

A bar has received an unusual letter of apology for an incident which occurred nearly half a century ago.

The owner of Zoo Bar in the US state of Nebraska told 1011 Now he received a letter containing more than $A720 in cash.

The letter also contains an apology.

Zoo Bar's staff have no idea where the note came from which apologises for breaking a sign 45 years ago. Source: 1011 Now

“Forty-five years ago I broke the Zoo Bar sign. Here is my restitution,” it reads.

It has no return address.

The bar’s current owner Pete Watters said the owner 45 years ago is no longer alive and he has no idea what the note is referring to.

Zoo Bar's owner Pete Watters said he's humbled to receive the note. Source: 1011 Now

Mr Watters acquired the business 18 years ago. He said he appreciates the gesture and has questioned how much guilt the person who sent the money must have felt.

“It’s really humbling to know that somebody cared enough about this place that they wanted to make it right,” he said.

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