Legal-looking letter a scam

Legal-looking letter a scam

A scam letter claiming to be from an English law firm has left Dot Squire concerned for other vulnerable people in the community.

Mrs Squire’s husband died last year, and when an official-looking letter arrived from the UK last week, she thought it was from a lawyer in relation to her English husband’s estate.

The letter addressed Mrs Squire by her correct name, had her full address and referred to her husband and his death.

When she first received the letter she was shocked and upset, throwing it in the corner to deal with later, but upon further inspection she realised it had to be a fake, when she realised she would supposedly inherit nine million British pounds.

“The envelope looked believable, and if it had been a couple of hundred thousand pounds I might have believed it.”

This scam is just one of many circulating the South West at the moment, with many locals receiving phone calls from call centres claiming to work for Microsoft.

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