LeAnn Rimes undergoes surgery to remove precancerous cells

LeAnn Rimes has urged other women to get their annual pap smear tests credit:Bang Showbiz
LeAnn Rimes has urged other women to get their annual pap smear tests credit:Bang Showbiz

LeAnn Rimes has undergone a minor operation to remove precancerous cells following an abnormal pap smear test.

The 41-year-old singer has revealed she decided to share her experience to encourage other women to get tested every year because regular screenings for cervical cancer can save lives.

In a post on Instagram, she wrote: "January is usually a challenging month for me. over the past couple of years, I’ve either been going through dental surgeries or recovering from a vocal haemorrhage around this time, which was all pretty depressing. but, I have to say, this january, has been joyful and easeful.

"However, yesterday, I underwent a minor surgery and I wanted to share what I went in for because I think it’s an important reminder to get our annual screenings in order to catch changes that may be taking place within the body early on."

She went on to explain she underwent her annual pap smear several months ago and the results came back "abnormal" so she opted to undergo the loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) to remove the suspicious cells.

LeAnn added: "Several months back, I had my annual pap smear, which came back abnormal. In fact, I’ve had abnormal paps since I was 17 and through regular pap smears and colposcopies, my doctors have been keeping an eye on any cellular changes that could be taking place.

"After my latest abnormal pap smear and colposcopy revealed that I had high grade cervical dysplasia, I consulted with my doctor and we jointly decided that a LEEP procedure would be in my best interest, in order to remove the high grade, abnormal, pre-cancerous cells.

"Now, usually you’re not under anaesthesia for this procedure, but I elected to be. i’ve had enough trauma in my life already, so I prefer to be out and comfortable. That, my friends, is advocating for your overall, mental wellness and comfort and I HIGHLY recommend it!"

She concluded by urging other women to attend their annual screenings: "I think it’s important to share what we are going through with one another, and on another level, for me, as someone who has a platform to be able to raise awareness for issues such as psoriasis, mental health and now, women’s wellness and the importance of annual screenings and early detection.

"So, ladies, please don’t put off getting your annual pap. My men, too … make sure you get your annual physical, minus the pap smear.

"Early stages of cervical cancer don’t usually involve symptoms, so annual screenings and early detection can be lifesaving. And I believe, the more shares and conversations we have around women’s wellness, the more we take the ewww factor out of talking about vaginas and put the power back in our hands, to be able to take the best care of our bodies that we can."