The lazy routine putting your family at risk of a deadly fire

Fire and Rescue NSW are warning residents not to be lazy when doing their laundry, or risk a potential fire.

NSW Fire and Rescue Superintendent Norman Buckley told Yahoo7 people need to be cautious when using their clothes dryers.

Supt Buckley added there are three tips in order to ensure safety around the home.

Fire authorities are warning for people to clean out the lint filters from dryers. Source: Getty Images (File pic)

“Firstly, you always need to clean your lint filter,” he said.

“That’s before and after using it. Each use, the filter has to be cleaned out with the lint disposed of properly.”

Supt Buckley said most clothes dryers are stored in cupboards but added there needs to be “good airflow around them”.

“You need space around where you store your clothes dryer as it generates heat,” he said.

“Finally, don’t leave the dryer on when you leave the house. You need a responsible person at home when you’ve got the dryer on.

NSW Fire and Rescue have provided a number of tips to avoid fires this summer. Source: Getty Images (File pic)

“You don’t leave a stove on and leave the house, ever. They both generate heat so if you leave the house turn it off.”

Residents are also being urged to have an electrician check the wiring behind the dryer too.

“Get someone to check the leads before using it,” Supt Buckley said.

Supt Buckley previously walked Yahoo7 through fire risks around the home in September, and warned residents to check their BBQs ahead of the summer.