Lawyer Said She Warned Trump Keeping Classified Docs Was a Crime: Report

Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images
Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

A lawyer who represents Donald Trump told federal prosecutors that she “very clearly” warned the former president that it would “be a crime” if he failed to fully return all classified materials to the U.S. government after being issued a subpoena, ABC News reported on Wednesday. The warning by attorney Jennifer Little was apparently “absolutely” understood by Trump, who responded with something to the effect of “OK, I get it,” she told investigators. Little, a former Georgia state prosecutor, is currently representing Trump in his Georgia election case. She was first hired as a member of his legal team in March 2021, sources told ABC News, and came in to advise him after he was ordered by the Justice Department to return all classified materials in May 2022. “Once this is signed,” she said she explained to him, referring to the subpoena, “if anything else is located, it’s going to be a crime.” Three months later, of course, the FBI found 102 more documents with classified markings at Mar-a-Lago. Trump was then indicted this summer over the effort to willfully retain them.

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