Lara Trump Claims RNC Has Lawsuits In A Literally Unbelievable Number Of States

Anyone who thought Lara Trump got her job as co-chair of the Republican National Committee just because her father-in-law is the former president better eat some humble pie.

That’s because Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law proved herself to be a political strategist without equal during an interview on Newsmax Monday night.

Lara Trump not only told Eric Bolling that the RNC now has poll watchers ready to watch the votes come in as well as “people who can physically handle the ballots,” but she suggested the RNC had a top-notch legal strategy in plan.

“We have lawsuits in 81 states right now,” she told Eric Bolling.

Yes, you read that correctly, and you can see her make the comment below.

Since most maps and atlases list only 50 states in the United States of America, it’s possible ― very possible ― that she was incorrect.

HuffPost reached out to the RNC for clarity, but no one immediately responded.

However, users of X, formerly Twitter, were happy to mock the political nepo-baby-in-law’s probably B.S. statement.