Lana Del Rey fans react as star is ‘trampled on’ in Taylor Swift’s box at the Super Bowl

Lana Del Rey fans were left shocked and bemused as the usually demure and dignified star was seen being “trampled on” by members of Taylor Swift’s box at the Super Bowl.

The 38-year-old was one of several celebrities celebrating the Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl win on Sunday (11 February) before she was knocked down by an excited fan and seen disappearing under the group, falling out of sight.

The “Born to Die” singer had been seen asking to be let into the box moments earlier, before being “allowed” to join her friends to watch the game in the star-studded suite.

Blake Lively and Ice Spice were among other celebs in Swift’s special Super Bowl circle as they celebrated Swift’s partner Travis Kelce’s win, with his team beating the San Francisco 49ers.

Fans reacted with mock concern, with one posting: “Can we have a health update on Lana Del Rey please.”

Others joked the singer had not been seen since, with one tweeting: “Breaking news: Singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey is declared missing. This is the last footage we have from her.” The post was accompanied with a clip of Del Rey disappearing under the crowd.

“I got that wintertime wintertime sadness,” quipped another fan.

X/Twitter sleuths also noticed that there has been a pattern of mishaps when Del Rey and her pal Swift are seen together. At the Grammys earlier this month, Swift brought the singer on stage to celebrate her record-breaking Album of the Year win and Del Rey was seen struggling as she was pulled on to the podium.

Lana is seen disappearing as fans declared her ‘missing’ (CBS Sports)
Lana is seen disappearing as fans declared her ‘missing’ (CBS Sports)

Del Rey fans gushed over both of the endearing moments, calling her “our clumsy introvert bestie”, while Swifties worried “everyone will blame this on Taylor”.

Observant fans also noticed how musician Ice Spice held on to her purse as Del Rey sunk beneath the Super Bowl celebrations.

“The way ice held on to her purse will always be funny” laughed one user on X/Twitter.

Swift made special mention of Del Rey during her Grammys acceptance speech: “I think so many female artists would not be where they are and would not have the inspiration they have if it weren’t for the work that she’s done.”

The “Summertime Sadness” singer shared pictures of the two to her Instagram page following the ceremony with Del Rey saying: “I literally did not feel one ounce of negative emotion at any point in that award ceremony. It was pure funniness and laughter.”