Lamborghini driver beats excessive noise charge, still faces $1500 legal bill

Ben Murphy

A Lamborghini driver who successfully challenged a fine for driving his car too loudly is now facing court legal fees almost five times the amount of the original fine.

Mark Trueno says he was nabbed outside the Normanby Hotel, Brisbane in the $485,000 sports car for “revving it in the car park” in October last year.

“There’s absolutely no evidence, it's just (the officer’s) word against mine,” Mr Trueno said.

Mark Trueno's $485,000 Lamborghini. Source: 7News

“I’m pretty glad that the Magistrate sort of saw through what the police officer was saying."

“I think it’s too easy for the police to throw random accusations and allegation against drivers,” Mr Treuno’s lawyer David Abrey added.

Driver Mark Trueno. Source: 7News

The $376 fine issued to Mr Trueno for making unnecessary noise was overturned in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

But given a two-day trial was held with a number of witnesses, including a representative from Lamborghini, the legal bill blew out to $1500.

Mr Trueno and his Lamborghini. Source: 7News

Magistrate Judith Daley did not award costs, but did note there were inconsistencies in the police case.

“Sometimes it is not about the money,” Mr Trueno said. “It’s about making sure that you stick to your principles.”