Lala Kent slams Rachel Leviss' 'lame' podcast launch

Lala Kent has slammed Rachel Leviss credit:Bang Showbiz
Lala Kent has slammed Rachel Leviss credit:Bang Showbiz

Lala Kent thinks launching a podcast was one of Rachel Leviss' "lamest decisions".

The 33-year-old beauty has slammed the former 'Vanderpump Rules' star, who quit the TV show and launched her own podcast series following her 2023 cheating scandal.

Lala told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I think if she opted out and then moved on to live a very normal life? Great, don't come back. But to not come back and do a podcast instead, I just thought it was one of the lamest decisions to make and I felt like she was extremely ill-advised."

Rachel, 29, quit 'Vanderpump Rules' after it emerged that she had a months-long affair with Tom Sandoval.

The affair prompted Tom's split from Ariana Madix - but Lala still felt some level of sympathy for Rachel after the scandal broke.

She shared: "There were a couple of reasons why I reached out to her. Number one, it resonated with me that she had been isolated, or she said she had been isolated, by Tom Sandoval. I know that feeling.

"I also felt that she needed to come back and apologise wholeheartedly when dust had settled, not when we're three weeks into Scandoval at a reunion, you know? Like, really have productive conversations."

In November, Rachel announced that she was launching her own podcast.

The reality star insisted at the time that she wouldn't hold anything back on 'Rachel Goes Rogue'.

She said in a trailer: "I’m Rachel Leviss. This might not be the return you’re expecting, but this coming January, you’ll hear my side of the story, and you may just be surprised what you find out."

Meanwhile, iHeartRadio said in a statement: "Every topic is on the table with Rachel confronting her truths, exposing secrets, and drawing strength from her continued transformations. She will also welcome prominent guests spanning the realms of entertainment, pop culture, mental health and self-help."