Labour compares Tory record to ‘tragic soap opera’ in campaign stunt

Labour has launched a Netflix-style campaign website comparing the Conservative Government’s track record to a long-running television drama, as it seeks to capitalise on its local election wins.

The site, due to go live at 7am on Monday, is dubbed Conflix, and presents the last 14 years of government as a serial called Chaos And Decline.

Each Conservative prime minister is portrayed as a different season of the drama, with Rishi Sunak’s premiership pitched as “hopefully” the final series.

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It comes after Sir Keir Starmer urged the Prime Minister to call a general election following Labour’s gains in local and mayoral elections.

Launching the new campaign stunt, Jonathan Ashworth, the shadow paymaster general, said: “The Tory chaos over the last 14 years has been like a tragic soap opera where every episode brings more psycho drama, scandals and broken promises.

“There is a real cost to this, and it’s paid by the British people every day.”

Jonathan Gullis, deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, described the website as “nothing more than another pathetic attempt to try and make the public forget the last Labour government bankrupted Britain – and then joked about it.

“Whilst Labour endlessly plots to throw open our borders and raid people’s pockets to fund their mad eco-splurges, we are getting on with the job.”