Kyle Richards reveals what needs to change to save her marriage

Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards split seven months ago credit:Bang Showbiz
Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards split seven months ago credit:Bang Showbiz

Kyle Richards has blamed Mauricio Umansky's obsession with work for their marriage issues.

The couple separated several months ago and the 'Real Houswives of Beverly Hills' star explained they have stopped communicating properly and she feels like an "after-thought"in the real estate mogul's life.

Speaking on this week's episode of 'Real Housewives', she said: "We don't get in fights.

"I mean, if we do get into an argument, it's me. But the bad side of that is you're not communicating. So, often it's like something will bother one of us and we'd just rather be peaceful and not deal.

"I am more the one that will say, 'This upsets me,' and I have that fiery side, where he just wants it to be peaceful all of the time. But that's not always a good thing."

The 'Halloween Ends' star thinks she and Mauricio need "help".

She continued: "Add in the traveling and the work schedules.

"I almost feel like he thinks, 'Give Kyle some time and she'll get over it and be fine.' But I'm telling him it's a lot more than that. We need help."

The 55-year-old star wishes Mauricio could give their relationship the same "energy" he does his work.

She said: "I'd see him on these phone calls saying, 'We're worried about The Agency,' or this happened or that happened—it's like his child.

"And whatever was going on he'd do everything he could, all his energy to fix that. So I'm like, 'If we're having an issue, why can't you give that energy that you give to the company?'"

Kyle - who has daughters Alexia, 27, Sophia, 23, and 15-year-old Portia with Mauricio - doesn't think she will be able to save her marriage if things don't change.

She tearfully said in a confessional: "I've supported him through everything since day one when he had nothing.

"And when I told him that we were in trouble, I need you to work through this with me. I needed to feel like I was a priority and that we were a priority. If there's no effort made or put into us, we're not gonna end up together. We'll never survive this."