Koala 'precariously' hanging from power lines helped by kindhearted locals

The local community has been praised by local wildlife rescuers for acting quickly.

A local community has been praised by wildlife rescuers after a koala found itself "hanging precariously" from a power line.

On Friday, Wildlife Victoria shared that the koala was spotted by residents in Moyne who quickly got a tarp to hold out underneath in case the koala fell and needed catching. In the meantime, others contacted the Emergency Response Team.

"Moments like these showcase our community’s commitment to protecting our natural wildlife and it's incredibly heartwarming to see the community working together to keep our furry friends safe from harm," Wildlife Victoria said online.

A Koala hanging off a power line in Moyne, Victoria with people holding a tarp underneath.
A koala was found hanging off a power line in Victoria. Source: Wildlife Victoria

This koala was able to navigate its way back down the power pole and into the wild and Aussies online were thrilled to see such a positive outcome.

"Oh my goodness! He’s so high up. I’m glad to hear he crossed safely. What wonderful people to keep an eye on him," one person exclaimed.

"Great compassion shown. Such a shame the lack of habitat (not many trees in that photo!) is creating issues such as this," another pointed out.

Koalas mistake power poles for trees

According to Wildlife Victoria, koalas have "powerful legs and claws" that help them climb most tall structures — usually thinking it is a tree.

"Like many of our native species, koalas are under pressure from habitat destruction and fragmentation," a spokesperson told Yahoo. "In areas devoid of trees, a koala may mistake power poles for tree trunks and climb in search of safety from threats on the ground."

A Victorian and koala activist Helen Oakley previously told Yahoo News Australia some wrongly believe if they're seeing koalas out and about in the street or in urban areas, they must be thriving.

"It's really hard for people to see the bigger picture. They just go 'oh, there's a cute little koala let's take photos'," she said.

What to do if you find a koala in a similar situation

If you see sick, injured or orphaned wildlife — or trapped wildlife like in this case — contact your local wildlife recuse. For those in Victoria you can call Wildlife Victoria’s 24/7 Emergency Response Service on 03 8400 7300.

"We know that most Victorians love our wildlife and want to help," a spokesperson said. "Our Emergency Response Operators can provide specific advice on the species and situation, and can dispatch an experienced volunteer if required."

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