Kmart shoppers roast 'ridiculous' store detail mocked in viral TikTok

Aussie TikTok star reignites common customer gripe.

A popular Aussie TikToker has poked fun at a common gripe that many shoppers have with Kmart, delighting many online. The irritant annoying customers? The "ridiculous" location of the store's cash registers.

Sharing a video with her 1.5 million followers, Mille Ford imitated Kmart staff who nonchalantly check customers' receipts as they exit the store, a duty that was introduced when the store layout changed.

Viewers agreed that the portrayal couldn't be more authentic, saying Ms Ford nailed the "annoying" Kmart employee trait. "As someone who did door shift at Kmart this is so accurate,” one person commented on her video. "The most spot-on thing I've ever witnessed," added another.

Millie Ford Kmart TikTok
Millie Ford's roast of Kmart employees was "spot on" according to her fans. Source: TikTok/@millie

The video, which shows Ms Ford looking bored and fidgeting with a set of keys, once again raised the issue of why Kmart cash registers are now located in the middle of the store.

'Ridiculous decision'

The layout of Kmart stores has been angering customers since the change was rolled out in 2017. "Honestly whose idea was that? Was the person high when they suggested that?" one TikTok user asked the controversial design. "Most ridiculous store layout decision ever!" another added.

Many shoppers mocked the entire process of checking receipts upon exit, saying it was unnecessary and wouldn't need to be in place if the layout hadn't changed. "They could have just left the checkouts at the front of the shop," one customer pointed out. "I've pretty much lost the receipt somewhere in my bags by the time I get to the door!" another shopper said of the process.

Kmart storefront
Kmart changed the location of their cash registers in 2017, but it's still frustrating customers. Source: Getty

'Do they even check?'

Some Kmart customers speculated that the layout change was designed to get customers to "see more stuff on their way out" and prompt them to purchase more. "I legitimately believe they did this so anxious people would buy something small so they wouldn't feel like a criminal walking out," one TikTok user commented.

Others claimed staff at their local Kmart hardly ever check receipts properly as they exit the store, with some adding they'd accidentally handed over Woolworths, JB Hi-Fi or old Kmart receipts instead.

However several customers noted that they'd recently had their receipt scanned when exiting the store, a new practice. "I went today and they have a hand scanner and the lady scanned my receipt. WTF is that all about?" one person asked.

Yahoo News Australia contacted Kmart for comment on the store layout and new scanning process.

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