Kmart shopper horrified by 'disgusting' find on store shelves

A Kmart shopper has claimed to have found an unwelcome surprise while shopping at a Sydney store.

The customer, whose identity is unknown, posted about their reported discovery on Reddit this week.

While browsing the store, the shopper said they found a glass drink bottle filled with what appears to be urine sitting on a shelf and available for sale.

Despite informing a staff member, the person said the bottle was still on display two hours later.

“Two hours after informing the door lady of a piss-filled water bottle it still remained for sale,” the Kmart shopper wrote.

One Reddit user decided it was a good opportunity for a pun.

“Give her a chance, it’ll take a wee while for her to get to it,” they joked.

Kmart drink bottle for sale filled with what appears to be urine.
A Kmart shopper was stunned to find a bottle of what appeared to be urine in a drink bottle for sale in a Sydney store. Source: Reddit/Fay1770

Another asked why the poster hadn’t moved the bottle and given it to staff.

“Why should I touch it without gloves?” they replied.

Most people were horrified by the image.

“Absolutely disgusting especially considering the situation surrounding COVID,” one person said.

Some people said Kmart staff don’t get paid enough to deal with bodily fluids.

Others wanted to know more details about how the staff member who was informed about the item handled the situation.

“She was nearest to the aisle, so I told her out of courtesy and showed her a photo so she didn’t have to leave her spot. She had a walkie talkie and said she’d call someone,” the original poster wrote.

“She seemed pissed with me for trying to help. Was just trying to not let someone get covered in piss or buy any other genital-touched drink bottles.”

A Kmart spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia they were investigating.

“We are extremely concerned in learning of this and saddened that products can be misused in store,” the spokesperson said.

“We encourage anyone that may know any further details around this to please reach out directly via our Customer Service Centre on 1800 124 125 (7am - 6pm AEST Monday - Friday).”

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