Kmart mocked over embroidery kit error: 'Flamin' galahs'

An Australian craft lover showing off her embroidery to overseas relatives was somewhat embarrassed to be told 'that's not a galah'.

Image of the Anko embroidery kit from Kmart which states the design is of a Galah.
Can you spot what's wrong with this Anko 'Galah' Embroidery Kit from Kmart? Source: Kmart

A Kmart embroidery kit has been the source of laughter for some after hawk-eyed bird lovers noticed the native bird in the design did not match the one on the label.

Despite being labelled as a "Galah Embroidery Kit", an Aussie — who had sent a photo of her embroidery progress to their family — was shocked to be told by their sister-in-law the bird in the design was actually a pink cockatoo (formally Major Mitchell cockatoo), not a galah — although similar, there are distinct differences between the two.

"[My] Brazilian sister-in-law of all people pointed out the error, putting me and my five other Aussie family members [in the chat] to shame," the embroiderer said.

After sharing this find online, others were also quick to notice the bird displayed was labelled incorrectly. "Should be white crest, pink body, grey wings," one said, noting the usual galah colours. "What a flamin' galah, mate," someone else joked in response to the gaffe.

"Not a galah, but still a cutie," a second added, with many others agreeing that the $5 kit was still "worth" the buy even with the incorrect name.

Left image shows two galahs. Right image shows two pink cockatoos.
The galah (left) compared to the pink cockatoo (right). Source: Australian Geographic/Birdlife Australia

Difference between galah and pink cockatoo

Both native Aussie birds are from the Cacatuidae family, known commonly as cockatoos, however, there are a few key differences.

The galah (Eolophus roseicapilla) has a pink head, neck and stomach, with a paler pink crown, and is grey on their back, wings and under their tail.

According to the Australian Museum, the galah is one of the most "abundant and familiar" of the Australian parrots and occurs over most of Australia, particularly near water.

The pink cockatoo (Lophochroa leadbeateri) is white on most of its body with a paler pink colour on its stomach and around its head, as well as an unmissable red, yellow and white crest.

The species, which is listed as endangered, is found in "arid", inland parts of Australia from the coast of Western Australia all the way to Central NSW. There is a subspecies of pink cockatoo, called lophochroa mollis, which has less yellow in the crest in comparison.

Yahoo News has reached out to Kmart Australia for comment.

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