'A lot of blood': Kmart item slices open woman's thumb

A Kmart customer is warning others about a $5 item she said broke and then deeply cut her thumb.

Jaime Burgess, from Aldinga Beach in South Australia, posted a picture on Facebook of a ceramic measuring spoon with the handle snapped off alongside her thumb wrapped in a thick bandage.

"For those who have purchased these, please please please be careful as they snap very easily and are VERY sharp," she posted on a Facebook page for customers.

"I have never sliced my thumb so deep and lost a lot of blood.

"Feeling a little worried about how deep the cut is so will definitely get my doctor to have a look tomorrow."

Ms Burgess claimed her injury was caused by the tablespoon measurement in the pack of four she bought for $5.

The mother said the Kmart measuring spoon left her with a deep cut in her thumb. Source: Facebook
The mother said the Kmart measuring spoon left her with a deep cut in her thumb. Source: Facebook

She added she couldn't tell how deep the cut was due to the sheer amount of blood.

The mum of two told Yahoo News Australia customers needed to be made aware of the dangerous product.

"I leave my butter out so it's very soft. Just scooped a little bit out and the ceramic spoon suddenly snapped," she said.

"Blood basically poured out and I was so close to fainting, luckily my partner was home.

"I am so worried about future buyers having the same problem ... imagine if this happened to a child."

A customer walks toward a hand sanitizer dispenser at a KMart store, operated by Wesfarmers Ltd., in Sydney, Australia, on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021. Wesfarmers is scheduled to release earnings today. Photographer: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg
The customer is asking Kmart to take the measuring spoons off the shelves. Photographer: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg

Ms Burgess added she was very lucky.

"I could have lost my finger," she said.

The mother added with two children under three she could not immediately go to the emergency department and as the cut started to heal underneath her skin it was too late to get stitches.

She said she was concerned bits of ceramic had been trapped in the cut and her thumb was "very sore".

After contacting Kmart, Ms Burgess said she received a $20 voucher but wanted more action taken.

"I believe it should be taken off the shelves," she said.

Ms Burgess added on Facebook she had also contacted the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to express her concern over the product.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted the ACCC and Kmart for comment.

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