Kitten killed in microwave payback attack

A woman in Devon, England, has been found guilty of killing her friend’s kitten in a microwave in revenge for her boyfriend being reported to the police.

The 31-year old woman, Gina Robins, asked to use the microwave to heat baby food, and then proceeded to lock the ten-week-old kitten inside and turn it on, magistrates have heard.

The cat owner, Sarah Knutton, told the magistrates that Robins came out of the kitchen and into the lounge carrying a bowl of baby food.

“She was jumpy, really different from when she went to the kitchen,” Knutton said. “She was fidgety, something was wrong. Then I heard the noise. It was loud like a bag of crisps popping in your hands. Then this horrendous screech, a horrific loud screech.”

Ms Knutton said that Robins went back into the kitchen and came out saying: “Oh my God, oh my God. I am so sorry, go and have a look yourself.”

Several days before the incident, the two friends had had an argument over Ms Knutton calling the police on Robins' boyfriend.

Robins denied the attack had anything to do with their previous fight, but the day after she killed the kitten she sent a text to Ms Knutton that read: “Remember the saying ‘what goes around comes around?’ It has started already to bite you in the ****. The cat? Karma,” The Daily Mirror reports.

Robins said the pet must have shut itself in the microwave while fighting with other cats, but the magistrates dismissed her story as “implausible”.

Robins faces jail when she is sentenced next month.

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