'It's kind of gross': Troye Sivan wears the same jeans every day

Troye Sivan always wears the same jeans credit:Bang Showbiz
Troye Sivan always wears the same jeans credit:Bang Showbiz

Troye Sivan has worn the same pair of jeans “almost every day for years”.

The 28-year-old singer admitted it getting “kind of gross” to have pulled up the vintage denims so often but he’s not found anything that fitted him better.

Asked which one piece of clothing in his wardrobe he’d save, he told Britain’s Vogue magazine: “The pair of vintage Quiksilver jeans I have worn almost every day for years, to the point of it being kind of gross.

“They fit perfectly, low on the waist so they’re hot if I’m not wearing a shirt.”

The ‘Idol’ actor is “proud” of himself for giving up smoking and now is planning to turn his attention to his overreliance on his phone.

Discussing his worst vices, he said: “I’m really proud of myself because for a long time [my biggest vice] was nicotine, but now I’ve completely quit.

“Probably my screen time – I would love to kick my phone habit.”

When he is on his phone, Troye can most be found using Instagram.

Asked where he spends most time online, he said: “Instagram for moodboarding and inspiration.

“My explore page is wholesome, interiors or graphic design and typography.”

The ‘My My My!’ singer knows how to create viral online content but he can’t “predict” what elements of his music videos will take off with viewers.

Quizzed on the secret to making a viral video, he said: “For TikToks, the best ones are off the cuff, real and super casual.

“For music videos, you can’t predict it.

“Just make stuff that you like and hope it hits the culture.”