Kim Kardashian says she finds her voice distinct and annoying

Kim Kardashian thinks her voice is “so just distinct and annoying” while pondering whether she will take on an acting role with an accent.

The TV personality and businesswoman, 43, recently starred in American Horror Story: Delicate alongside actresses Emma Roberts and Cara Delevingne and is well known for being in Hulu’s reality TV show The Kardashians with her family.

While having a discussion with Oscar nominee Chloe Sevigny during Variety’s Actors On Actors series where stars question each other, Kardashian spoke about preparing to enter the world of acting.

The 96th Academy Awards – Vanity Fair Party – Los Angeles
Chloe Sevigny (Doug Peters/PA)

She said: “The one preparation tip that I got from an acting coach is never bring your phone on set. I was like, ‘Can it be in the trailer? Where does the set start?’

“Do you find it difficult to take on an accent and to really become a character?”
Sevigny responded saying: “I do find accents very challenging.

“I’ve done accents before and have been asked to then drop them.

“So now I’m super in my head about it and really paranoid that I’m just bad at them.

“And even actually with Feud, C.Z.’s accent.

“I don’t want to use the word nuts, but her accent’s pretty nuts. Are you going to do an accent?”

She has previously taken on an Irish accent for the TV show Hit & Miss and Boston tone while playing author C.Z. Guest for Feud.

Kardashian, who has also been in The Paw Patrol movies and hosted sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live (SNL), said: “I would be open to it, especially because I find my voice is so just distinct and annoying.”

Sevigny reassured her that everyone finds their “voice annoying”, and said that she has a “persona, like a movie star, where you’re so magnetic that I think you can play anything and people will be drawn to you”.

Elsewhere, Kardashian, whose late father Robert Kardashian, a lawyer, represented OJ Simpson in his murder trial, talked about the creator of American Horror Story Ryan Murphy also executively producing The People V. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story in 2016.

She said she “loved” the show, where Robert was portrayed by Friends actor David Schwimmer, which she watched as she “wanted to see if my recollection was right on the portrayal of my dad”.

“I thought it was just done so well,” Kardashian added.

“I remember asking Ryan, who were your sources? Because that was my dad’s exact bracelet. That was our home.

“They actually rented the home that we grew up in at that period of time.

“Little things were wrong, but minimal.

“But it was just fascinating to watch and see it from a different perspective, especially now, since I’m in law school.

“Seeing it from a legal point of view is just fascinating.”

Kardashian passed her first law exam in 2021, known as the baby bar.