Kim Jong Un releases new song praising himself as North Korea's 'friendly father'

Kim Jong Un has released a song praising himself as the "friendly father" of North Korea.

The new song was played at a ceremony to celebrate the opening of a new development of 10,000 homes in a district in the capital, Pyongyang, on Tuesday.

Mr Kim was met with huge crowds as he arrived at the spectacular event in an armoured limousine that he was given as a gift by Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to news website NK News.

Later, while sitting on top of one of the new buildings ready to cut the ceremonial red ribbon, singers serenaded Mr Kim with the new song titled Friendly Father.

The upbeat tune involved singers repeating the North Korean leader's name, pumping their fists into the air and declaring a "brighter future" under his leadership, according to Korean Central Television (KCTV) coverage of the event.

The ceremony also involved fireworks and a flyover by the Korean People's Army Air Force, KCTV reported.

A music video for the new song was aired on the KCTV network on Wednesday.

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It features scenes of Mr Kim interspersed with soldiers and citizens bouncing up and down, while all enthusiastically doing a thumbs-up sign, NK News reported.

The new homes in the Hwasong district are part of the Rimhung Street development, which began in 2022 with the building of 10,000 homes.

The projects are reportedly part of Mr Kim's promise in early 2021 to employ the military to build 50,000 new flats in the capital within five years.

In a visit to the Rimhung site earlier this month, Mr Kim confirmed next year's project will also be in the Hwasong area.