Khloé Kardashian's nanny shared a glimpse into her life and it's fascinating

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Khloé Kardashian's nanny shares a day in the lifeCourtesy of Getty Images - Getty Images

Ever wondered what it's like to be a nanny to the rich and famous - namely the Kardashian-Jenners? Well, now you can (kind of) find out, because Khloé's nanny just shared a day-in-the-life BTS video of the realities of looking after the next generation of Kardashian kids. And let us tell you - it's an eye-opening first-hand look down a career path that has *plenty* of perks. Like, who can casually say they travel via private plane to exotic destinations around the world as part of their job?

Cue Andreza Cooper, a specialist in RN and infant sleep and a Postpartum Doula DONA, who can confidently raise her hand in this instance, as she's employed by the Good American founder to look after her two young children, True, five, and Tatum, one.

Earlier this week, Andreza - who Koko and the kids affectionately call Shesha - took to Instagram to share a reel of what she's been up to while holidaying in Tuscany with Khloé and her little ones. Plus, momager Kris Jenner and younger sister Kylie.

The beginning of the footage showed Andreza sitting in a car full of Louis Vuitton luggage on her way to board Kylie's $72 million 10-seat plane, 'Kylie Air.' The video then cut to her enjoying the luxuries inside the jet - complete with a plate of fresh fruit, fresh flowers, and a whole bunch of legroom.

After capturing the views from the sky, Andreza's next bit of footage documented her arrival at her destination, in which she pulled back the curtains to display the stunning Tuscan landscape. Following this, the nanny headed for food which included a spread of fruits, cheeses, pastries and anti-pasti. Anyone jealous yet?

After snapping a quick selfie with Khloé (and giving fans a glimpse into their sweet and trusting friendship) Andreza shared a playful clip of her and True dancing and messing around in the bathroom. For fans, this also provided a tiny snapshot into her and True's loving relationship, which plenty of people have commented on in the past thanks to previous posts.

Back in April when True turned five, Andreza shared a series of snaps of the youngster's birthday trip to Disneyland. (Again, perks of the job, people.) There, hundreds of users flocked to the comments section to gush over the images, with many saying that "True is so lucky" to have Andreza.

And while that's most definitely the case, Andreza has also openly spoken about how lucky she feels to be able to call this her job. During a post from a 2019 trip to Indonesia with the Kardashian clan - which she first labelled as "challenging," "tiring," and "a lot more hard work than glamour" - she also shared all the "good things work has given me."

"The opportunity to see and experience other cultures cheers my soul," she said.

"These pictures were taken in Indonesia, where I tried the best coffee in the world, visited an elephant sanctuary, tasted different dishes and discovered people that are so happy and in a higher spiritual level than us. An unforgettable experience indeed."

As well as Indonesia, Andreza has also globe-trotted to bucket list locations such as Paris, Rome, and Turks & Caicos. Time for a career change, anyone?

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