K'gari dispute leaves Aussie branding fellow camper 'absolute Karen'

The woman apparently asked Harry for help after her car got bogged on K'gari while she tried to reserve a camping spot.

A man camping with friends on K’gari, formerly known as Fraser Island, has captured the moment he got into a bizarre argument with a woman he later dubbed an “absolute Karen”, after her car got bogged at the popular tourist destination.

Harry, who documents his travels around the country on Offshore Adventures, filmed what he said was a “stupid” encounter after parking his car on a sand dune overlooking an idyllic shoreline.

In a YouTube video he explains after parking the vehicle back out of the wind, he was planning on setting up his camp at a beachfront site when he came across a woman bogged down in the sand trying to reserve the same spot.

Left, the woman arguing with Harry on the sand. Right, the woman's bogged car on K'gari.
The woman's car got bogged on K'gari while she was trying to reserve a camping spot. Source: Offshore Adventures

TikTok footage shows Harry and the woman sparring after she appears to ask him for help getting her car out of the sand.

“I’ll come help you out of the sand, but just give us the spot,” he says before pointing out there are many other campsites. The woman's response is inaudible in the video, but she stands her ground. Her son, who has now walked over to join in the discussion, tells Harry to do just that and find another place to put up his tent.

“Our car’s here,” he responds. “I was here when you came and walked up here trying to reserve the spot.”

After what appears to be several minutes, the woman’s car remains bogged as Harry sits in his car and honks his horn at her son. “This is ridiculous,” he laughs, prompting her to get mad. “This is what you get for being such a nice person,” he continues before backing up.

Aussies react to 'K'gari Karen' video

Numerous Aussies online said “old mate” handled the K’gari Karen “pretty well”. “Good job telling them to use manners lol,” one person applauded. “Watch out for campsite stealing Karens on Fraser Island,” another commented.

“They have an attitude and no respect or idea. I would have told them to wait for the tide to come in and then try if they had a go. Bloody tourists,” a third said.

However, several others argued Harry should have just moved to another camping spot like he suggested. “So why not move on to one then mate! You’re not better than the other people,” one man claimed.

A dingo on K'gari.
K'gari is known for its dingo population and beautiful beaches. Source: AAP

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