KFC's Chicken Wraps Return, Now With A Mac And Cheese Option

Fried chicken wrap on cutting board
Fried chicken wrap on cutting board - razum/Shutterstock

Chicken sandwich lovers have been fortunate enough to receive numerous brand-new renditions of the handheld staple over the last few years, but sadly, fans of fast food's various chicken wraps haven't had it quite as good. As you may know, McDonald's axed its beloved Snack Wraps from the menu in 2016 with no promise of an eventual return, while KFC did the same in 2014 when it discontinued its Twister Wraps. Unlike Mickey D's, however, Colonel Sanders apparently listened to his loyal fans' pleas, as KFC brought chicken wraps back to the masses in February 2023 — but only for a limited time. Now, after a much briefer absence, the chain's chicken wraps will be making their way back into restaurants nationwide once more.

According to a press release sent to Mashed, Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps will be making yet another grand return to menus on Sunday, November 12, and this time, customers will have three variations to choose from. New to the lineup is the mac and cheese wrap, which will feature an extra crispy chicken tender, macaroni and cheese, and an extra sprinkling of the chain's three-cheese blend. The newcomer will also be joined by the Classic Chicken Wrap featuring an extra crispy tender, pickles, and mayo, as well as the spicy slaw wrap, which combines an extra crispy tender with coleslaw, pickles, and a spicy sauce.

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Mix And Match Your Wraps With KFC's 2 For $5 Deal

KFC's chicken wraps on red background
KFC's chicken wraps on red background - KFC / Facebook

With three weeks left until the return of Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps, you have plenty of time to choose which variation you want to chow down on first. If you find yourself having trouble deciding, however, the chain will offer a deal on its wraps to help ease a bit of the pressure. Per KFC's statement to Mashed, customers placing an order for KFC's Chicken Wraps online, in-store, or through the restaurant's mobile app can score two wraps for $5. This means you could try the chain's new mac and cheese wrap along with your favorite from the original February launch. Additionally, the chain will also offer a combo meal option that will include two wraps, a medium drink, and french fries for $8.49, though prices may vary by location.

Need a sweet treat after your meal? Also starting November 12, KFC will have you covered there, too. Along with its lineup of wraps, the chain will also be introducing new Colonel's Homestyle Brownies, which will be fudgy and infused with chocolate chips. The family-sized treat will be enough for a crowd and can be ordered either a la carte for $6.99 (prices may vary by location) or as a $5 add-on to any $20 Fill-Up Box or bucket meal.

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