'Dirty rat' terrorises grandmother in Melbourne armed robbery

A grandmother has described a thug with a gun who allegedly terrorised her at a Victorian service station as a “dirty rat”.

The accused remains on the run, after three similar alleged hold-ups in less than a month in the Deer Park and St Albans areas.

One of the fuel station hold-ups took just 20 seconds and involved one gunman against one grandmother.

Police have said the same man allegedly committed the same crime at a pharmacy one night later.

All up, police say there have been three robberies by the same alleged gunman.

Each have left the people involved a mess.

One of the incidents involved one gunman and one grandmother.
One of the incidents involved one gunman and one grandmother.

Kerrie Medlicott was behind the fuel station counter in the second incident which happened last Sunday.

“Fear and trauma goes through your head, and you think you're going to die,” she said.

She told of the moment the accused threatened her with a gun.

“He said to me 'I want everything, hurry up. This is my insurance.' And he put his hand in the bag, pulled the gun out and went like that.”

The grandmother has called the accused a
The grandmother has called the accused a

“You dirty rat, how can you do that? I wanted to jump the counter and neck him, really.”

All the incidents happened within four weeks, the first at a Deer Park pharmacy.

Police suspect the man involved may be a local, about 25-35 and with an eastern European accent.

“We believe that he's either been on a bicycle or on foot. Had he not been local, we'd think he'd be in a car.”

The accused has only gotten away with about $1000.

A month later one of the pharmacy workers is still on stress leave and another is looking for a new job as she’s too scared to return.