Kelly Rizzo gushes over 'handsome' and 'understanding' boyfriend Breckin Meyer

Kelly Rizzo has gushed over her boyfriend Breckin Meyer on his 50th birthday credit:Bang Showbiz
Kelly Rizzo has gushed over her boyfriend Breckin Meyer on his 50th birthday credit:Bang Showbiz

Kelly Rizzo has gushed over "handsome" and "understanding" boyfriend Breckin Meyer on his 50th birthday.

The 44-year-old actress was left devastated when spouse Bob Saget died in January 2022, aged 65, after he was found dead in his hotel room while on a comedy tour, and has been dating 'Clueless' actor Breckin for some time now, with the pair making their romance public in February at a Grammys viewing party.

And to mark his milestone birthday on Tuesday (07.05.24), Kelly said her man deserved to be "endlessly celebrated today".

Alongside a snap of the couple at the Grand Prix in Miami, she wrote on Instagram: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! To the man who is kind, sweet, silly, thoughtful, completely hilarious, handsome, understanding, charming, forever curious, compassionate, witty, warm and wonderful.

"You deserve to be endlessly celebrated today!"

The producer recently blasted critics for saying she moved on from the 'Full House' star too quickly.

Reacting in a TikTok, she said people had “no place and no right” to comment on their relationship as they have no idea about the level of her pain over Bob’s death.

Kelly hit out: “The vast, vast, vast majority of all of the comments and feedback and support and everything I’ve gotten since Bob passed, 99 percent has been positive and lovely and wonderful.

“But there are some people who just love to talk.

“You just don’t understand the incredibly complex and difficult and dynamic thoughts and feelings that come up during this entire process.”

Kelly added in her five-minute clip she still feels “guilt” following the death of Bob – which was the result of a brain bleed most likely brought on by a fall in his hotel room near Williamsburg, Florida – but stressed she didn’t think about dating anyone until well after his shock death.

She said: “I didn’t personally get to that point until well after a year after Bob had passed.

“And then I didn’t start dating until 18 months or so after Bob passed.”

Kelly and Breckin attended a friend’s wedding together in Mexico and were photographed passionately kissing at the event.

The ‘Unfiltered with Kelly Rizzo’ star also told her TikTok followers she received the blessing of Bob’s daughters – Aubrey, 37, Lara, 34, and 31-year-old Jennifer – for her new romance,

But she confessed she was still feeling “really weird about it”.

Kelly went on: “In my situation, it was Bob’s daughters, Bob’s friends. They were saying, ‘It’s OK.’ So I’m like, ‘OK, it must be OK.’

“But you still need to feel OK with it and (make) peace with it in your heart.”

Bob and Kelly married in 2018, three years after they met.