Kellogg's sparks fury with half empty box of Nutri-Grain: 'What a joke'

Snack food giant Kellogg's has come under fire from Nutri-Grain fans over its latest makeover of the iconic Australian breakfast cereal, but has denied accusations that customers are being ripped off.

The multinational company recently joined forces with Bega to create limited-edition flavour Nutri-Grain Peanut Butter Crunch.

But it appears the new cereal hasn't met consumer expectations, with many complaining about the packaging and price.

Half empty packet of Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Peanut Butter Crunch cereal
Cereal consumers are outraged by half-empty packets of limited-edition Nutri-Grain. Source: Facebook/D. Shanahan

One customer expressed his shock at the amount of cereal he received in the special-release product.

"Gee what a buy, Limited Edition Nutri-Grain. You're limited to a third of a box, great stuff Kellogg's," he wrote sarcastically on Facebook, alongside a photo of the cereal pieces, which are dwarfed by the box they came in.

Another man who bought the item from Coles said he was equally unimpressed.

"6 bucks for bugger all in a cardboard box," he commented.

"What a joke," someone else wrote, and another Facebook user quipped, "It's the limited edition Weight Watchers Box."

Kellogg's hit with 'shrinkflation' claims

Other shoppers argued that Kellogg's is embracing the "shrinkflation" trend affecting everyday products.

Shrinkflation, a term coined in 2009, is a tactic when manufacturers reduce the size or quantity of a product while maintaining its price.

Many popular brands, including Bega, have reduced the size of their products sold at Australian supermarkets, according to data from consumer advocacy group CHOICE.

Promotional image of Nutri-Grain Peanut Butter Crunch
Some customers claim the limited-edition Nutri-Grain is a victim of "shrinkflation". Source: Kellogg's

"I have noticed this with all cereals, very large boxes but a third in contents," commented one woman. "The size of the box is to confuse your brain into thinking there is much more in it for the price so the company sells more."

Another shopper agreed, writing, "It's happening with everything you buy and I'm getting sick and tired of this ripped-off country and the fat cats that want more as we get less."

Kellogg's defends packaging

A Kellogg's spokesperson has defended the product's size in a statement provided to Yahoo News Australia, saying there is a good reason for the way the brand's cereals are packaged.

"Kellogg's range of iconic cereals are sold by weight and not volume. Each box of cereal is weighed multiple times throughout the production process to ensure it's the correct weight, as indicated on pack," the statement reads.

"It's important to note that the air in each bag has a vital role in maintaining the freshness and quality of the cereal and protecting it from breakage.

"We encourage consumers to contact us directly if they have a sealed pack that's underweight, so we can review it with our quality team."

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