Katie Piper misses ITV breakfast show after ‘unexpected medical procedure’

Katie Piper misses ITV breakfast show after ‘unexpected medical procedure’

Katie Piper has had to withdraw from her ITV breakfast show due to an “unexpected medical procedure”.

The presenter, who regularly appears on Loose Women, was scheduled to appear on Katie Piper’s Breakfast Show on Saturday (8 June) – but was replaced by Good Morning Britain’s Charlotte Hawkins.

Writing on Instagram before the episode was due to air, Piper told her followers: “Sadly, I’m not going to be on my breakfast show this weekend as I’ve had to have an unexpected medical procedure.

However, she reassured her concerned fans, adding: “All is well and I hope after some rest I’ll be back in the hot seat next weekend!”

Katie Piper’s Breakfast Show airs on Saturday and Sundays, and is currently onto its third series.

No details are known about Piper’s procedure. but in December 2023, the presenter told her fellow Loose Women stars about an operation she had to sew up her eye in order for it to heal/

“I had a planned procedure called a tarsorrhaphy, which is a semi-permanent closure of the eye,” she said. “So, it’s an operation done in theatre and your eye is sort of fully or partially stitched up.

“Some people might be familiar with it, you normally see it when somebody has some kind of disease of the cornea. And closing the eye gives it the optimum environment for it to heal.’

“So, I’ve had quite a lot of problems with my eye in the last year-and-a-half. I don’t like to go on about it, because there’s always somebody worse off.”

‘Katie Piper’s Breakfast Show’ on ITV (ITV)
‘Katie Piper’s Breakfast Show’ on ITV (ITV)

In 2018, Piper participated in Strictly Come Dancing, and was the third contestant to be voted off. That year’s series was won by Stacey Dooley.

Speaking about her time on the show, Piper said: “I have taken a lot from this experience and it has all been really positive, and I’ll never forget this journey.

“I have had a great experience you know and I feel really privileged to have been here and thanks for your advice and thank you [professional dance partner Gorka Márquez] for all the hours.”