'Key evidence' in Ristevski case sent to US

Sam Hussey

A key piece of evidence into the disappearance of Melbourne mother Karen Ristevski has been sent to the United States in the hope of a potential breakthrough.

With no major leads emerging since the investigation commenced five months ago Victoria Police made the decision to have the crucial evidence examined by American technical experts.

The 47-year-old vanished after taking a walk to "clear her head" from her Avondale Heights home following a dispute with her husband, Borce Ristevski, on June 29.

Sarah, Karen and Borce Ristevski pictured before the mother vanished on June 29.

Areas of interest were scoured by land and air, while police also examined hundreds of hours of CCTV footage from neighbours’ homes, businesses in Coburg, the Toolern Vale General Store and two BP service stations at Calder Park.

With no use of Ms Ristevski bank account or mobile phone, police turned their attention on a “rural area” northwest of Melbourne.

Operating under the impression that Mrs Risvetski was a victim of foul play, Police have theorised that her body was hidden in this rural area.

Family members questioned the stability of the Ristevski’s marriage during the lengthy investigation.

It is understood that Mrs Ristevski’s step-son Anthony Rickard, was cleared of any wrongdoing after discussions with police.

Her brother-in-law, Vasko Ristevski, said he believed that a tense marriage had led the mother to flee overseas on a false passport and was most likely living in China or the US.

“I reckon she’s run away … That’s my feeling,” he told the Herald Sun in August.

“She’s been going to America and Hong Kong each month for the past 10 years on business, and I’m told it’s fairly easy to get a false passport. I don’t think she will come back. I reckon she’s gone for good.”

Police suspect that Karen Ristevski was the victim of foul play when she disappeared from her family home in June.

Victoria Police’s Acting Sergeant Melissa Seach said: “The investigation remains active and continuing. We will not be providing a running commentary on the case.”