Room with a roo: Couple woken by 1.5m intruder jumping on their bed

Teegan Dolling

A wayward kangaroo smashed through an elderly couple’s window before hopping onto bed with the stunned husband and wife.

Bill and Norma McConnell woke to the sound of the marsupial crashing through their bedroom window.

"[The kangaroo] pushed his way past the blind and the curtains and in one bound leapt onto the bed,” Mr McConnell told 7 News.

Bill said he picked up a chair to protect him from the roo, and held it like a lion tamer. Pictures: 7 News

The couple’s dog Riley was barking mad at the intruder, they said.

The 1.5 metre roo was just centimeters from Mrs McConnell's face when it entered her Torquay home.

“It just seems a bit unreal now actually. I sort of think ‘did that really happen?’” she said.

The marsupial ran riot through the Torquay home, scratching furniture and leaving blood on the carpet. Picture: 7 News
The kangaroo crashed through the couple's bedroom window. Picture: 7 News

Her husband agreed, saying, "The story is really so unusual we don't need to try and embellish it."

Injured, the animal ran riot through their home and left blood on the carpet.

“I picked up this chair and like a lion tamer, I ended up just keeping this chair in front of me,” Mr McConnell demonstrated.

Norma said the roo appeared just centimeters from her face. Pictures: 7 News

The animal then took cover behind the lounge, where Mr McConnell thought to take a photo.

Hearts pounding, after 10 minutes, the pair watched the roo escape out the sliding door and jump over their back fence.

Bill and Norma lodged an insurance claim to get their window and carpet fixed, and AAMI have said it’s the first time they had ever heard of a bed-hopping kangaroo.