Kangaroo plays chicken with mates driving through outback track

Andrew Hallett has lived in the Australian outback for 42 years but he had never seen a kangaroo leap across the bonnet of a car, until now.

Mr Hallett and a friend were driving along a wide-open plain dirt track near Whyalla, when a roo jumped across his 4WD.

What's that Skip? Kangaroo makes a mad dash to cross a road in front of a 4WD. Source: YouTube/Dash Cam Owners Australia

The maniac marsupial made it across the car, taking out the aerial, but missing out just slightly on meeting its maker.

The terrifying moment was caught on dashcam, and left the vocal bushman speechless for a moment as the pair contemplated what they’d just survived.

Finally, he says, "F***k!" as he sees the damage to his antenna before breaking into laughter.

A reaction fit for when you know you’re lucky you’ve just survived.

Kangaroo takes its chance crossing right over the car's bonnet. Source: YouTube/Dash Cam Owners Australia

“I’m always out in the bush,” Mr Hallett told Yahoo7.

“It was 5.15 in the afternoon and it’s common knowledge to take care, the roos always come out at night”.

Mr Hallett, a local wildlife carer, said he wanted to share the video to show people what can happen while driving out bush, at any speed.

He uploaded it to Dash Cam Owners Australia and it quickly went viral.

“I’ve heard stories of a roo coming over a bonnet but I’ve never seen it,” he said.

“I thought bugger it, I’ll put it up and show what they can actually do”.

Mr Hallett said the roo only just missed the side of his window.

The roo made it, but the antenna did not. Source: YouTube/Dash Cam Owners Australia

He said kangaroos were a major problem in the area and warned drivers to take care.

“It’s nothing for us to drive 50km down a highway and see 20-30,” he said.

“I’ve had two cars written off by them in five years”.

He assured he wasn’t driving fast when the incident happened.

“It was a freak thing, there was nothing to do with speeding,” he said.

“Don’t speed in the bush, that’s how you get killed.”

Someone better ties these kangaroos down because clearly they are hopping mad!

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