Kangaroo chased into the water by dogs highlights major problem: 'Isn't cute or funny'

The 'cruel' issue plaguing kangaroos has once again angered Aussies.

"Repulsive" footage of a kangaroo being chased into the ocean by two dogs has highlighted a “cruel” issue that continues to plague Australian wildlife. The video shows the distressed roo fleeing from the two large dogs at Torquay Beach in Victoria.

The animal appears stressed as it hops deeper into the water before quickly jumping up and down in one place. People on the beach can be heard calling for the dogs to return, but their pleas go ignored by the distracted pets. “Kangaroo goes for a swim,’ the TikTok’s caption says.

The kangaroo being chased by two dogs into the water at Torquay Beach.
The distressed kangaroo was chased by two dogs into the water at Torquay Beach. Source: TikTok/Facebook

Kangaroo chase 'not cute or funny'

It is unknown when the clip was filmed, however it was reposted to an Aussie animals Facebook group on Tuesday morning. “This is neither cute nor funny. It is cruelty,” the furious post reads. “Here in Australia we have leash laws that require all dogs to be on lead in public places unless in a designated off-lead area.

“Unfortunately, not everyone obeys these laws which can often result in stressful situations for other people, pets and can cause serious or deadly encounters with wildlife. This kangaroo is at serious risk of drowning and or inhaling seawater and becoming sick from fluid its lungs.

“This has to stop Australia. Our kangaroos are not your dogs' play toys. We all have a responsibility to not stand by and watch other dog owners do this also.” Torquay Beach does have a designated off-leash area for dogs that is 24/7, but it’s not clear on which part of the shoreline the video was filmed.

Kangaroos can be killed after dogs chase

Although macropods — kangaroos, wallabies and pademelons — can survive being chased, they are vulnerable to a stress induced condition called myopathy. They do not have to be physically injured to be killed by the ailment, but over a period of days or weeks, it will destroy their muscle fibres and lead to paralysis.

“There is little chance of recovery for macropods suffering from acute myopathy, and joeys that are subjected to a high degree of stress will not survive,” according to Wildcard Australia Inc.

Former Wildlife Victoria CEO Megan Davidson previously told Yahoo News Australia dog and cat attacks are a common occurrence. “It’s pretty horrible for rescuers to have to deal with these situations because the outcome is usually not a good one,” she said. “There’s not many animals that survive a dog attack, sometimes dogs are just playing, but it will still kill them.”

A kangaroo being chased by a dog at an off-leash area at Torquay in 2020.
A kangaroo was chased into the water twice by dogs at an off-leash area at Torquay in 2020. Source: Genene Priest

What should I do if I see a dog endangering wildlife?

In October, a video of a man In Victoria fighting to free his dog from a kangaroo’s clutches went viral. In a separate incident, a group of barking dogs were filmed in 2020 chasing a kangaroo into the water in Torquay. After fleeing a brown kelpie, the roo was seen swimming back to shore, only to be confronted by a second dog when it returned to shore.

If you see pets endangering native animals, you are urged to call the local council and wildlife and request their animal management quick-response team attend. It has also encouraged people to take photos or video of all injuries and the incident, and gather as much information as possible.

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