Kaley Cuoco shares what she 'very quickly' learned after becoming a mother b

Kaley Cuoco has learned to not "take things personally" since becoming a mother.

The 38-year-old actress has 14-month-old Matilda with former ' Guiding Light' star Tom Pelphrey and admitted that she "quickly learned" to not be upset when their daughter seems to favour one of them over the other at certain times.

Asked what she has learned since the onset of motherhood, she told UsWeeky: "That you’re not important. Whatever a one-year-old wants, they want. Don’t take it personally when they want Dada over Mama all day long. Doesn’t mean anything. Don’t take things personally. I learned that very quickly."

The former 'Big Bang Theory' star previously shared that she and Tom end up getting emotional at every small milestone with their daughter.

She told People: "Tom and I were sitting with Matilda the other day, and she was literally staring at us, and she touched both of our faces, and just gave us this innocent, just really joyful, 'Hi' smile.

"I mean, I could cry right now. We both looked at each other and we started tearing up. He goes, 'Is this our life now, where we just cry at everything she does?"

Kaley has four dogs named Ruby, Opal, King, and Blue and joked that little Matilda had been "thrown to the wolves" upon her birth and thought she might have to "send her back" had the tot not gelled with her canine companions.

She said: "Oh my God, she got thrown to the wolves literally. After she was born, I'm like, 'If this child doesn't like dogs, I might have to send her back. There's no choice. This is your life. This is it.They have jumped on her. They have crawled across her. We have let them lick her, kiss her. Our pediatrician was like, 'It's okay.' So they love her so much."