K-pop band BTS revealed as authors of alleged Taylor Swift book

BTS’s biography will be out this summer (Amy Sussman / Getty Images)
BTS’s biography will be out this summer (Amy Sussman / Getty Images)

A biography of Korean pop band BTS has been revealed as the mystery book believed to have been Taylor Swift’s memoir.

The book, previously known as 4C Untitled Flatiron Nonfiction Summer 2023, hit the top of the pre-order charts on Amazon and Barnes & Noble thanks to fans of Swift who concluded that it belonged to her.

But despite coming up with rather convincing theories, it appears that Swift’s fans were wrong on this occasion.

The mystery book has now been revealed to be Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS.

Publisher Flatiron Books revealed that ‘4C Untitled Flatiron’ is an oral history of BTS’s rise to stardom, written by journalist Myeongseok Kang and translated into English by Anton Hur, in collaboration with Clare Richards and Slin Jung.

Swift’s fans were convinced that the July 9 release date was a nod to her Speak Now track Last Kiss.

But it turns out the July 9 date was significant for another reason: it’s also the 10-year anniversary of the founding of BTS’s fanbase, known as the Army.

Additionally, the publishers revealed an announcement was due on June 13 and, while Swifties considered this to be a nod to the singer’s lucky number, it’s also the anniversary of BTS’s debut.

Flatiron Books revealed the book to be a BTS biography on Thursday (May 11), amid speculation about who the book belonged to.

While fans of Swift may be disappointed, the book is sure to be a welcome announcement for BTS fans, after the band announced in June that they would be going on hiatus.

It was later confirmed that the boyband members would have to perform military service, which is mandatory for men in South Korea.

The military service requirement means that a reunion is not expected until at least 2025.