Justin Bieber sells entire discography for AU$283 million

Yahoo News Breakdown 25 January 2023

Video transcript

- Justin Bieber has sold his entire discography for a reported $284 million Australian. The 28-year-old sold the rights to the 291 songs he released up until the end of 2021 to Hipgnosis Songs Capital.

Outgoing New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern left parliament for the last time as Prime Minister of the nation amidst applause and hugs from those waiting to say farewell.

An iceberg measuring 1,550 square kilometers, roughly the size of London, has broken off near the Antarctic Research Base according to the British Antarctic Survey.

A private collection of clothes, drawings, and photographs belonging to the late Andre Leon Talley will go up for auction at Christie's. Talley, former US Vogue editor at large and creative director, died in January last year aged 73. The auction house estimates the rare collection will fetch more than a million dollars.

The EU is introducing buzz lines for bees and other pollinators, corridors they can move through across Europe to find food and shelter.