Julie Bishop took private jet from Canberra to Perth costing taxpayers $30,000

Krystal Johnson

MP travel expenses are in the spotlight again after revelations Julie Bishop had an empty government VIP jet to pick her up after a private dinner in Perth.

On October 17 the Foreign minister represented a private dinner function for Western Australian Telethon donors on behalf of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The RAAF Challenger Jet flew empty from Canberra to Perth to pick up Ms Bishop and her partner David Panton which landed in canberra at 5:50am the next day.

Julie Bishop and her partner David Panton took a private jet from Perth to Canberra. Photo: 7 News
This is the RAAF Challenger Jet that flew empty to pick up Julie bishop and her partner on October 17. Photo: 7 News

The jet had only two people on board, costing taxpayers $30,000, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The Foreign Affairs Minister said she had to take the private flight because the dinner ended too late for her to catch a commercial flight to be back in time for a for 7am ministerial meeting in Canberra.

MPs from both sides of politics suggested Ms Bishop should have cancelled her dinner if the meetings could not be moved ­instead of charging taxpayers.

The jet cost taxpayers $30,000. Photo: 7 News

There's no suggestion deputy Liberal leader broke any rules.

A one-way business class ticket from Perth to Canberra would cost approximately $2,000.

There is no suggestion Ms Bishop broke any rules when she represented Malcolm Turnbull at a charity event in WA. Photo: 7 News

The exposé comes after a string of MP expense scandals dating back to August when Bronwyn Bishop was forced to step down as Speaker of the House.

She took a $5,227 helicopter charter flight from Melbourne to Geelong to attend a Liberal Party fundraiser in 2014, a trip which would of taken her 75 minutes in a car.