A Judge Truly Couldn't Believe What He Was Seeing In This Viral Court Clip

A man in Michigan called into his suspended license hearing while literally driving a car, and the clip is going viral.


Yes, you read that correctly, a man with a suspended license called into his court hearing while driving a car.

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Here's the full clip:

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The judge couldn't believe it himself.

A man in glasses and black shirt speaks with a surprised expression in a courtroom. Text on the image reads, "I don't even know why he would do that."

"Oh my God," is right.

Virtual courtroom with Hon. J. Cedric Simpson presiding. Corey Harris on Zoom, reacting with "Oh my god." Courtroom scene in upper left of screen

The man claimed he was just parking his car.

Judge Cedric Simpson presides over a courtroom Zoom call with Corey Harris, who appears to be in his car. Harris says, "I'm parking right now."

But that wasn't enough, and the judge still revoked his bond.

Hon. J. Cedric Simpson in judge's robes, sitting in front of a wood-paneled wall with an American flag and state flag, looking contemplative

As this person said, "Bold move my man."

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Naturally, this whole thing is destined to become a meme.

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Hopefully he learns his lesson on this one.

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