Judge holds back giggles after woman fined for parking in space two seconds too early

Natasha Christian

A US judge has struggled to hold back his laughter after a woman was issued a petty parking fine for using a space two seconds too early.
Yep, two seconds.

“So what do you want to tell me about this… taking this wrong path in life,” Chief judge Frank Caprio jokingly asked of the defendant as he read the court brief.

Providence Municipal Court heard the woman had been dragged before the court for stopping in a no parking zone, two seconds before it became legal to park there.

"Sarah you have one ticket on Cushing Street, no parking 8 to 10, and you were there at, oh no,” Judge Caprio said, trailing off as he realised what the woman had been fined for.

Judge Frank Caprio took a cheeky approach in court when he heard the defendant's case. Photo: Caught In Providence.

“I think it was issued at 9.59 and 58 seconds. You can't park there until 10 o'clock. You violated city ordinances,” he said with a cheeky grin on his face.

"I literally pulled up at 9.58," Sarah told the court, blaming her car clock for saying 10am already.

“So now you're blaming the car clock?” Judge Caprio asked… “What does justice demand in this case, is this jail?" he asked of the court inspector standing next to him.

Sarah said her car clock was too fast. Photo: Caught in Providence.

“10 o’clock means 10 o’clock judge,” the inspector replied.

“I think 9.59 is close enough to 10, matter is dismissed,” Judge Caprio said taking mercy on the tearful driver.

The 80-year-old appears on US television show Caught In Providence.

Lucky for Sarah, Judge Caprio agreed the fine was a bit silly. Photo: Caught In Providence.

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