Jojo Siwa doesn’t write her own songs

Jojo Siwa doesn’t write her own songs.

The 21-year-old former child star confessed that she has a team of songwriters who pen her tracks for her but insisted that she then makes the songs her own.

She said on TikTok: "I don't WRITE my songs. I SING them. I have an incredible team of songwriters that write songs and pitch them to me to see if [they] wanna make the song mine!!

"It's kinda like when you buy clothes... you don't "MAKE" it, but it's yours after you buy it! They also ALWAYS get their credit and, of course, their check.

"I do enjoy the writing process, however for me as an artist that is not my specialty so I like to work with different songwriters to sing their lyrics, add a feeling to it, and ultimately bring the song to life!"

This comes after Jojo was accused of stealing the song 'Karma', which was reportedly originally recorded by Brit Smith.

She told TMZ: "Honestly, it's an old song. I was pitched it. I loved it, was obsessed with it, so I grasped onto it.

"That's a very normal thing… What happens is, people write songs and then they just don't do anything with them. And then, a few years later, it makes more sense for another artist.

"I just knew that song was a special song, I knew it was a work of art, and I knew that it fit exactly the vision I wanted to create for the world."