John Legend reveals why Chrissy Teigen’s sense of humour is the ‘hottest’ thing about her

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John Legend reveals why Chrissy Teigen’s sense of humour is the ‘hottest’ thing about her

John Legend has revealed why he thinks that Chrissy Teigen’s sense of humour is the “hottest” thing about her.

The 44-year-old singer was asked about his wife’s “hottest” quality during Wednesday’s episode of Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast. In response, he pointed out how Teigen is someone who makes him laugh “all the time”.

“It just changes your whole world when you have somebody around you that makes you laugh,” he said. “It makes every experience, even when you go through the worst things, when they have a sense of humour, it makes just life better.”

When Cooper asked the “All of Me” singer what he thought his wife would say the hottest quality is about him, he wasn’t exactly sure at first. However, he then opened up about the ways in which he takes “good care” of Teigen, which is something he thinks that she’d praise him for.

“I like to cook for her, even though she’s obviously the one with food credentials that I don’t have,” Legend explained about his spouse, who’s written multiple cookbooks. “But I like to cook for her, I like to take care of her, pamper her, and make some romantic gestures. She probably likes that.”

Cooper then changed gears, as she asked Legend a different question about how he’s kept his sex life “hot and alive”. In response, he gave one piece of advice to parents with children: Lock their bedroom doors.

“Our kids have a way of finding their way into our room. So if we ever want to have a good time, we gotta go lock the door,” the “Green Light” singer explained, before adding that while his mother-in-law, Vilailuck Teigen, lives with his family, she’s “not the issue”.

He then highlighted how important it is to “find time” to “do those romantic gestures” for his spouse and “make an effort” in the relationship.

“You can’t take things for granted, especially if you’ve been together for a long time,” he said. “If you allow yourself to just get in a rut, you gotta go on a date, just do some things. Do some fun things. Make some romantic gestures.”

Legend and his wife are parents to three children, including a six-year-old daughter, Luna, and four-year-old son, Miles. They are also currently raising a newborn, as they announced the birth of their daughter, Esti, in January.

In September 2020, Teigen and Legend revealed that they had lost their son Jack at 20 weeks as a result of a pregnancy complication. Speaking at a summit in September 2021, Teigen shared that it took her “over a year” to realise she had a life-saving abortion, not a miscarriage as she had previously labelled the tragic loss.

During his conversation with Cooper, Legend spoke about his wife’s pregnancy loss and how “hard” that experience was. “Especially being the man in the relationship, not carrying the baby yourself, you feel this strong sense of grief but also this powerlessness,” he said. “You want to be there to protect, you want to be there to help, but you literally can’t do anything to really solve the core problem here.”

He added: “It was just heartbreaking and we felt powerless and it was deep, deep grief, deep challenge, deep pain.”