John Dean Sums Up Donald Trump’s Latest Legal Moves With 2 Damning Words

John Dean, a White House counsel to former President Richard Nixon, used just two words to describe the raft of unsuccessful appeals that former President Donald Trump has filed in his futile attempts to delay the start of his criminal hush money trial.

“I think these appeals now, everybody knows, are frivolous, they’re desperate,” Dean told CNN’s Boris Sanchez on Wednesday.

The four-time-indicted presumptive GOP presidential nominee “doesn’t want this case to go on before he has to face the voters,” Dean added. “And it is not going to help his campaign contrary to any thoughts that he pretends that these are helpful.”

Trump’s legal team earlier Wednesday lost a third attempt — in only the last week — to delay the start of the trial.

Jury selection is scheduled to commence on Monday, and Dean argued it would be “extraordinary” if it didn’t begin as planned.

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