John Bolton Issues Warning Over Donald Trump’s Legal Debts And Foreign Autocrats

John Bolton, who served as a national security adviser to Donald Trump, on Sunday suggested the former president may be targeted by America’s foreign adversaries because of the amount of money he now owes following civil court cases.

Trump was last week hit with a $355 million ruling in his civil fraud trial for the yearslong overinflation of the worth of his assets for financial gain. He also owes writer E. Jean Carroll $88.3 million after one jury found him liable for sexual abuse and defamation, and a second one decided he had defamed her again.

MSNBC’s Jen Psaki asked Bolton if he was “worried about Trump having all of this money he owes and being a target, in that way, of people like [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and other foreign autocrats?”

Bolton said Trump would likely have to liquidate some of his properties, but it was not “really a near-term problem” because Trump will appeal the rulings.

Psaki asked if foreign autocrats could target Trump because he owes lots of money, which he may not actually have despite his claims to be a billionaire.

“I think this is one of the demonstrations why Trump really is not fit for office. He is consumed by these troubles, his family is consumed by them, and I think foreigners will try to take advantage of it one way or another. They may be doing it already,” he replied.

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