Biden riles up conspiracy theorists with three-word phrase

US President Joe Biden has set the internet alight, emboldening conspiracy theorists after he uttered a loaded three-word phrase.

Speaking just before the Business Roundtable’s CEO Quarterly Meeting, Mr Biden touched on the going-ons in the US and Russia's attack on Ukraine.

However, at the very end of his address he mentioned something that made conspiracy theorists take notice.

"As one of the top military people said to me in a secure meeting the other day, 60 million people died between 1900 and 1946," he said.

Joe Biden uttered the words
Joe Biden uttered the words "New World Order" and conspiracy theorists lost it. Source: The White House/YouTube

"And since then, we’ve established a liberal world order, and that hadn’t happened in a long while. A lot of people dying, but nowhere near the chaos.

"And now is a time when things are shifting. There’s going to be a new world order out there, and we’ve got to lead it. And we’ve got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it."

The phrase "New World Order" trended on social media following Mr Biden's remarks, with people claiming it was "another conspiracy theory coming true".

"I believe with all my heart that Joe Biden was installed by Globalists, Babylon included, to usher in the New World Order," someone said on Twitter.

"It's amazing that people are finally waking up seeing what Biden really is and what is really happening in the world !!! They didn't believe how bad things were," one person said in the comments of a YouTube video about the address.

Mr Biden's words were just that, words.

Many argued against the conspirators, saying when watched it in full, it is clear the president is referring to global relations changing.

Russia's brutal invasion in Ukraine has greatly impacted global relations — with many nations slapping sanctions on Russia and Russia's oligarchs.

As Cameron Wilson, writing for Crikey pointed out, if Mr Biden was about to seize power and control the world, why would he tell you before he did it?

Pictured is Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin
US President Joe Biden used the words after speaking about Russia's war in Ukraine. Source: Getty Images

What is the 'New World Order' conspiracy theory?

The Anti Defamation League (ADL) explains the term, saying its links to right-wing conspiracy theorists dates back to the 1990s.

Put simply, the theory refers to a small group of individuals, or a cabal, who have power and are working to establish control, in secret.

"'New World Order' conspiracists believe that a tyrannical, socialist 'one-world' conspiracy has already taken over most of the planet and schemes to eliminate the last bastion of freedom, the United States, with the help of collaborators within the government," the ADL explains.

"Through repressive measures, as well as manufactured crises such as terrorist attacks and pandemics, the globalist conspirators seek to eliminate dissent and to disarm Americans so that the 'New World Order' can move in and enslave them."

Those who subscribe to the conspiracy believe there are hundreds of concentration camps in the US for those who dissent, and claim the government will declare martial law and confiscate guns on mass, the ADL says.

Conspiracy theorists will point their finger at anyone and say they are part of the 'new world order' — celebrities, politicians, Jews, people like Bill Gates and George Soros, who anti-Semites like to target frequently.

NSW Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant sent Twitter into a frenzy when she used the phrase last year at a Covid press conference.

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