Joe Biden 'forgets Scott Morrison's name': 'SO EMBARRASSING'

While Australia, the US and the UK made a groundbreaking joint announcement on a new defence pact Thursday morning, the attentions of those watching on quickly turned to an apparent lapse in memory from Joe Biden.

After thanking UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the US president turned to Mr Morrison, yet was this time far more casual in his address.

"And I want to thank that fellow down under! Thank you very much, pal! Appreciate it, Mr Prime Minister!" he said.

And what might have seemed an endearing moment between the two leaders, many on Twitter were unconvinced.

Joe Biden points to Scott Morrison and appears to forget his name. Source: The White House
Joe Biden points to Scott Morrison and appears to forget his name. Source: The White House

"Biden 100% just forgot the Australian prime minister's name," the Telegraph's US correspondent Josie Ensor tweeted.

Many took to social media to express just how awkward the moment was.

"It gets worse the more you watch it... pure cringe," one person wrote.

"So embarrassing," another said.

"Morrison is humiliated," another claimed.

One person said Mr Morrison would be "furious" the supposed blip had taken up so much attention.

While some dismissed it simply as a "brain fart", others speculated it was in fact deliberate and was an indication Mr Morrison was not yet in Mr Biden's good books following his government's inaction on climate change.

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Mr Biden, 78, has routinely faced scrutiny over incoherence, clumsy moments and repeated stuttering in public addresses. It has earned him the nickname 'Sleepy Joe'.

The live address was to announce Australia's involvement in a new pact that will see nuclear-powered submarines developed on home soil in a move widely perceived to counter China's emergence in the region.

"Our world is becoming more complex, especially here in our region - the Indo-Pacific. This affects us all. The future of the Indo-Pacific will impact all our futures," Mr Morrison told reporters.

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