Joe Biden Delivers 3-Word Promise To Trump After Latest Ugly Boast

President Joe Biden found himself agreeing with Donald Trump for once after the former president boasted of his efforts to sabotage a bipartisan agreement in Congress over border security.

Trump had urged Republican lawmakers to tank the bill to deny Biden a political win during an election year and so that he can continue to campaign on the issue of an unaddressed crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“I’ll fight it all the way,” Trump said of the bill last month. “I noticed a lot of the senators are trying to say, respectfully, they’re blaming it on me. I say, that’s OK, please blame it on me. Please.”

After the package was essentially killed on Tuesday, Biden reminded Trump of those comments and promised to indeed blame him for the failure:

Biden’s campaign issued an even simpler reply, making the same point with a single word: