Jo Wood reflects on 'mad' marriage to Ronnie Wood: 'I'm amazed I survived it!'

Jo Wood was married to Rolling Stones star Ronnie from 1985 until 2011 credit:Bang Showbiz
Jo Wood was married to Rolling Stones star Ronnie from 1985 until 2011 credit:Bang Showbiz

Jo Wood had a "really mad time" being married to Ronnie Wood.

The 68-year-old model was just 18 when she tied the knot with her first husband Peter Greene but split from him in 1976 and went on to marry Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie, 76, in 1985 - with whom she has kids Leah, 45, and Tyrone, 40, - but that marriage ended in divorce in 2011 and she has now admitted she is "amazed" she survived it in the first place.

She told Brtiain's OK! Magazine: "My first marriage, I was too young. I was 18 when I married him and I left him when I was 21. Then I met Ronnie – we had a mad marriage. We partied and drank and it was a mad time, a really mad time when I look back on it. It’s amazing I survived, really."

Jo - who also has 49-year-old son Jamie from a previous relationship - admitted that she would like to walk down the aisle again but insisted that she is not interested in marrying for money.

Rock star Ronnie has a reported net worth of $200 million but Jo insisted she'd rather "be broke and madly in love" as long as she could have her "freedom" in a new realtionship.

She said: "But I’d like to get married again to someone with a really loving softness about them, and have connection and togetherness. I’d love that. I think I’d rather be broke and madly in love with somebody, and have my freedom. I used to think I wanted to marry someone with loads of money, but I don’t know."

Despite divorcing Ronnie more than a decade ago, Jo has recently insisted that she is still close to her ex-husband and his bandmates.

She told MailOnline: “I know that I can pick up the phone and ring him if there’s anything, like, trouble or anything like that.

“But I could do that with Keith as well. I saw Keith recently, with Patti (Hansen, his wife.)

“I’m fine with them all. I didn’t do anything wrong! When you have children and grandchildren, I think it’s important... I like to know that I can say, ‘The kids have been, you know, even though they’re grown up... have a word with them!’”