Jill Biden to honor teachers with state dinner for first time

Jill Biden is set to host some of America’s top educators for a state dinner later this year, an honor usually reserved for foreign diplomats.

The move is meant to demonstrate the Biden administration’s emphasis on education policy and special care from the first lady, a teacher herself.

Biden made the announcement Wednesday at a “CBS This Morning” appearance with Missy Testerman, who was named Tennessee’s teacher of the year.

“I’m a teacher, as you well know, and I’ve been teaching over 30 years, just like Missy has, and I always say teachers are our heroes. And I wanted to be here today to celebrate Missy as I love celebrating teachers, and I have a special announcement, Missy,” Biden said.

“When you come to the White House, we are going to have a state dinner for the teachers,” she continued. “You’ll have to pick your dress. So it’s the first time ever.”

The first lady, who teaches English and writing at Northern Virginia Community College, has hosted a group of educators at the White House annually. This year’s group is scheduled to visit May 1, The Associated Press reported.

Teachers in the group are selected by the Council of Chief State School Officers. Testerman and teachers from Alaska, Georgia and New Jersey were finalists for the 2024 national award.

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