Jetstar passenger's plea after luggage with sentimental items vanishes

Melbourne mum Robyn has been advised by Jetstar the bag was taken from the baggage carousel area at Melbourne Airport.

A Jetstar passenger has been advised to contact police after airport CCTV showed her suitcase containing numerous sentimental items was taken from the baggage carousel area.

Robyn Miller said she, her partner and their two children, 2 and 4, travelled from Hobart back home to Melbourne on December 31 after spending Christmas with her family. However, the first few seconds of the new year took a “sad turn” when the family was left standing at the baggage carousel at Melbourne airport without their large blue suitcase. All of their other bags arrived.

Jetstar passenger Robyn's navy suitcase with a a yellow and green band around it.
Jetstar passenger Robyn is on the hunt for her lost luggage after the navy bag failed to arrive. Source: Robyn

Had it just been filled with “dirty clothes and used toiletries”, Robyn said she would have brushed the loss off, but it also contained items with “significant sentimental value” including a more than 30-year-old Playmobil castle.

“[It] was my partner’s as a child,” she told Yahoo News Australia. “We carried it from Germany through Italy.” The mum said she brought the castle with them to set it up for their children, who now ask everyday when they can play with it again.

However, Robyn said the most “traumatic” part of the blunder is the paintings and drawings also inside that were a gift from her mum for her 45th birthday, which was just before the holidays.

Many of the pieces were completed by her mum, who has been an artist for decades but was sadly diagnosed with arthritis late last year.

“One was of her as a young woman done by a well known South African artist and it was quite valuable but it was framed so I wasn’t allowed to take it on with me,” Robyn told Yahoo, adding she was now regretting not adding an AirTag to the bag or carrying the items on board.

Left, Robyn young child in a pram in the airport with the bags that did arrive. Right is the Playmobil castle.
Robyn said she wants to do everything she can to track down the sentimental items, including a Playmobil castle and her mum's paintings. Source: Supplied

Jetstar passenger's plea to find lost bag

In a desperate attempt to be reunited with her possessions, Robyn posted a photo of the suitcase on Reddit, asking if anyone knew someone who worked for the airline or Melbourne airport.

“Or accidentally took it from the carousel, it would mean the world if you could look in any dark and hidden corners and perhaps help us to an emotional reunion with this suitcase,” she wrote, explaining she had flown the same route three or four times a year for the last 15 years with no previous issues.

At this stage we are hoping we can ‘six degrees of Kevin Bacon’ our way to a person with a heart who was either working that night or who can check the places we are not allowed to go and help it get where it needs to be to get back to us.”

Airport CCTV shows bag was taken

Jetstar has told Yahoo News Melbourne Airport has reviewed security camera footage from the baggage carousel area which shows somebody else collecting a bag matching the description of Robyn’s bag.

"We have spoken with Mrs Miller again today and advised her to contact police," a Jetstar spokesperson told Yahoo on Tuesday. "We will provide any further assistance we can where appropriate."

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