Jetstar passenger's beautiful note for mum: 'You didn't deserve it'

A Canberra woman has been praised for her “sweet” act after coming to the rescue of a mother of two on board a recent Jetstar flight.

Kelly was flying from Brisbane to Canberra on Sunday afternoon when an incident broke out between two passengers.

“I was in shock and didn’t hear the whole exchange,” she said, before adding that she helped “entertain” the children for the remainder of the flight. But it’s her actions after disembarking that have seen her celebrated online.

Taking to Facebook, Kelly launched a city-wide search to find the mother of two.

Kelly's boarding pass (left) and the not (right).
Kelly's note to the mother of two went viral on Facebook with many praising her for her 'sweet' and 'kind' act. Source: Facebook

“To the beautiful mum of two little ones (James? 3 and [a] little girl about 1 years old) on JQ656 from Brisbane in seats 3D,E,F this afternoon (Sunday 8th Jan),” she wrote. “I’m sorry that crusty man sitting next to my husband got grumpy. You’re a great mum,” she said. “You’re so brave flying solo with two little ones. You didn’t deserve his snarky comments.”

Kelly then went on to explain the purpose of her post.

“I wrote this note and was going to give it to you at baggage collection but couldn’t find you,” she said. “I really hope this finds you, wherever you are. Just to know that I am in your corner and not scare you from flying again x. Don’t let him spoil your sparkle xxx.”

Alongside the post was a picture of a Jetstar sheet of paper. Across it Kelly had written a handwritten letter for the mother.

“You’re a great mum, don’t let anyone let you think otherwise. You’ve got this.”

A Jetstar plane on the tarmac.
Yahoo News Australia understands that no incident was reported to Jetstar crew on board this flight. Source:

‘Sweet’ message warms hearts online

The note has since gone viral, with almost 1,000 people commenting on Kelly’s post.

“How sweet of you to be so kind to her and her two kids, well done,” one person wrote. “I’m sure this would mean the world to that mumma!” another said.

“This is such a beautiful note,” someone else said. “Good on you for being so kind,” said another. “We need more people like you, Kel.”

While others leapt to the defence of the mother of two.

“Like parenting isn’t hard enough and then [you] have to deal with other people’s judgment just makes it unnecessarily more stressful,” one person wrote. “Flying with children is hard and we do try our very best,” another said.

“People can be so cruel on airplanes,” added another.

In a stroke of luck, the note found its intended recipient with a friend of the mother popping up in the comments on Kelly’s post.

“I know who this is,” the woman wrote, “and have passed on the message.”

Yahoo News Australia understands that no incident was reported to Jetstar crew on board this flight.

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